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  • Posted on16 Feb 2018
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If you have felt that the direction you are going in, is not the right one or what you thought you were aiming for is now a moving post – then you would not be alone. It would have been on your mind (on and off) for some time.  

How would you like it to be? If you imagined a change, what would that change be and where would it be to? The journey for each of us is different as we each have individual needs and wants.  It is no easy task to find the right fit when looking for a partnership opportunity. However, with careful thought, consideration and knowledge of the market, it can be achieved.

There was a time when partners didn’t move, ever. Now there is a lot more fluidity and movement allowing partners to reposition themselves to find a better fit or a new need. There are a number of opportunities in the market for partners, senior associates looking to step-up, or someone looking to step back into practice ownership after a time in-house or returning from overseas.  Each opportunity is unique based on the practice areas, culture of the firm, location, client base and any specialisations.

There are always some frequently asked questions when going on this journey:

How will I know if is the right firm or position for me?

A great question. A lot will be obvious about the firm - its size, position, work type, client base, operational structure and fee structure. What is harder to get to understand is the “people fit”.  How will I know if it is the right place for me? If it is right, it fits like a glove. There are no sharp edges in conversation, negotiations are fair and reasonable, you get a positive vibe or “gut feeling” and you have a sense that you have the same values in how you approach life and the profession.

Do I need a client base?

No, not always.  Some firms are looking for succession where there is already an existing client base. Equally so, some practices like to see some client following to help with the revenue or to cover a salary. Other firms look for a full client base.

Will I need to buy my way into a practice?

No, not always. Some of the practices I have worked with, have transitioned with no buy-in involved. Others have looked for a buy-in over time. Each one is different.

If you are considering a move, wanting to know what your options are or just plain curious and want to talk about it then contact Judith Eller on 021 662129 or click on the "Apply Now" link to contact me.

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